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GDL learning resources are of high-quality, and free to use at home and in school.

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You’ll find more than 6000 books, in over 80 languages.


In addition to books, you will find literacy games and math games.

Tips for new users

Resources in different collections will help you find books that meet the learner’s interests and needs.

If you are working with a group of children that are emergent readers, you can introduce them to our early literacy game called Feed The Monster.

For emergent readers, we also have a separate category of books with less than 50 words.

For preliterate users, we have a collection of books that are wordless with engaging illustrations.


We have books leveled 1 to 4. Level 1 books have easy words, word repetition and less than 250 words. Level 2 books are about simple concepts and have up to 600 words. Level 3 books have longer sentences and up to 1500 words, whereas level 4 books have longer, more nuanced stories with more than 1500 words. In addition we have Read Alouds, books with longer stories meant to be read aloud for children.

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