The quality assurance (QA) standards below serve as minimum criteria for accepting or rejecting various types of reading materials submitted for upload to the GDL.

The two main content categories for the GDL are Classroom Materials and Library Materials.

Classroom Materials

This content category covers decodable and leveled reading books that are aligned to the national curriculum and have been government approved for use in the classroom. Below are QA standards that apply to all content in this category:

General QA Standards for all Classroom Materials

Item for Verification
Government Approval The book has been approved by the relevant government for use in the classroom either as core or as supplementary reading material
Language Quality There are no spelling or grammar errors
Visual Format Quality Illustrations are clear and provide support to the text
Appropriate Content The book represents different gender, racial, ethnic, majority and minority groups, including people with disabilities, without bias and avoids stereotypes in the text or illustrations
The book demonstrates positive behaviors or attitudes that do not go against values for peacebuilding, concern for others, or good citizenship

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