Translate a Story 2021
From April 23 to September 8

Become a campaign partner! 

We are looking for partnering organizations with staff or volunteers that would like to participate in Translate a Story 2021. Participants must document competence in the languages they are translating from and into. A team should have a minimum of one translator, author, or linguistic expert to ensure the quality of the final translated product.

Free, high-quality resources

Free, high-quality books from the Global Digital Library can be translated into more than 320 languages. It will take translators approximately 1 hour to translate one book, with variations depending on the level. 

Introduction and onboarding

The GDL team offers an introductory webinar for partners that want to get started with translation in addition to templates and tutorials for staff and volunteers to help them get started translating on the GDL platform.

We have put together a tutorial for our partners. If you want more information on how the translation process is conducted, take a look at our step by step guide for translators.

Selecting your language changes the language and the content